A Message from the President…

Lucy Giovando Watts, CMP, CMM
Founder & CEO
LASSO40, Inc.



I am so excited to be serving as the MPINCC President for 2017-2018 program year. There are so many great stories as to why people joined MPI, and I would like to take this opportunity to share mine. The very first MPI event that I attended was the Annual Tradeshow and Expo. I remember not knowing anyone at the tradeshow but feeling this great energy in the room. During the tradeshow, I received a call and was asked how the event was going. I raised my hands, in a very front-of-the-ship/”Titanic”-style and said, “I am amongst my people.”

And I still feel this way today. I love being around event professionals. We are all like-minded souls who love to work hard, have fun, and bring people together from all around the world through meetings and events. That is at the heart of who we are and what our industry stands for.

I believe the hospitality industry can truly change the world. I also believe that together as an industry and as a chapter, we serve as a beacon of light, a gathering point to try new things, think bolder and go even bigger than we ever have before. As global champions of the hospitality industry, this year we are going to Innovate.Together.

And as a chapter, we have already begun to act globally by becoming a sister chapter with the Italia Chapter of MPI. We believe as the largest chapter of the largest hospitality industry association in the world, we have the opportunity and obligation to not only think bolder and go bigger through innovation, but to bring our world closer together.

But with every good story, there is always a villain. And our No. 1 opponent is the MPI Chicago Area Chapter. This chapter was the largest until a few years back when we grabbed that title. Since then, they have been nipping at our heels. I recently got together with their Chapter President, Cory Fransway, CMP, CMM, and threw down a challenge to see who could be the largest chapter in a year. View our challenge videos here. 

We are looking forward to another great year. Let’s Innovate.Together. Act globally. And game on, Chicago!