Professional development for those in the industry is a cornerstone of MPI Northern California Chapter.  As an extension of providing quality educational content to you, the chapter also supports your efforts to obtain qualified continuing education (CE) credit necessary to take the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) exam and to recertify every five years.  It is in this context that chapter leadership is proud to announce that MPINCC has joined the Convention Industry Council’s (CIC) CMP Preferred Provider Program.

Following each chapter program that contains an education component including our chapter education and our signature Annual Conference & Expo, the MPINCC Office will upload a list of program attendees to the CIC.  If you were an attendee at that program, you will then receive an email from the CIC prompting you to login to your CIC portal account and claim your hours up to the total number of hours available for credit.  For example, if 2.5 hours is the maximum hours available, you will be able to claim up to that amount of hours reflecting the total hours you actually attended.  The CIC system does not automatically add the available credits to your account.

It is critical that the email address you use to register for an MPINCC program matches the email address the CIC has on file in your individual online profile.  It is the responsibility of the individual, not MPINCC nor the CIC, to ensure these email addresses match.  If the email address does not match, you will be required to self-report your attendance in your CMP account and provide attendance documentation in order to receive CMP credit.

If you do not have a CMP online account, it is easy to create.  Just click here and select the “Get Started” button on the right hand side of the page.

MPINCC educational sessions that are approved by the CIC will be so noted including the specific CMP-IS Domain on the event website and on the Presentations page of the chapter website after the program is completed.  Look for the CMP Preferred Provider logo throughout chapter event websites signifying an opportunity to earn CE credit through attendance.